French Macaroons : Part 2 Sweet Success

Sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to my personal challenge of the French macaroon. I bought all my ingredients and left them at work in the staff room, only to realise I had one weeks holiday and had to wait to go back and get the ingredients. However, as I waited I have been looking at many different macaroon recipes in the hopes that I would be able to perfect the previous disaster when making these French biscuits, and I have eventually got something to be proud of rather than a sticky runny mess (^-^)

I followed the same recipe as the French video I found last time (see it here), but with a few changes to make sure nothing went wrong this time.

This time I used a thick gel food colouring, which does not turn to liquid, keeping the mixture at the right consistancy. This colouring was more expensive than the usual kind but you can see better results. The second thing i also did to improve the recipe was to use an Italian meringue method instead of the quick simple way. This helped keep a thicker texture. I am really happy with my result and Its made me confident in tackling macaroons in the future. These ones have chocolate frosting. Yum (^-^)



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7 responses to “French Macaroons : Part 2 Sweet Success

  1. metropolitanhomesickblues

    Wow! Great shots. Great recipes. I’ve never seen macaroons done like that.
    Thanks for the comments on my biscotti post.

  2. Wowzer! They look like a work of art, great pics – bet you enjoyed eating those!

  3. nic010205

    these look great. I love french macaroons.

    check out this blog: she has great recipes for french macaroons:

    google “demystifying macarons” and check out a PDF called “Macaroons”, great article

    (I have made trifles before, but i thought that serving floor cake to my friends would cross the line)

  4. I love the look of these macaroons (macarons?). they’re so perfect for serving at dinner parties when you want to show off a little! (And why not? It’s not like anyone minds when they’re eating fabulous food!).

  5. these look amazing – i bet everyone will be asking you for the recipe

  6. It’s here!! Marocons! Congratulations! I will test your recipe soon, my friend.

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