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Vintage Christmas Cake Recipes

Recently I bought an old recipe book off ebay for 50p, which I thought was a bargain. To my surprise inside someone had left their newspaper cut outs of Christmas Cake recipes. This included recipes on how make American frosting, almond paste, royal icing and rich fruit sponge. I wanted to share my find with you. I am unsure of the age of the second, but recipes both were published in the Daily Telegraph, and the first is from the 1940s, as on the back it talks about the premiere of Gone With The Wind in Leicester Square, London. The movie was released here in 1940 and ran for 4 years during The Blitz, bombing of London during WWII. This year we are having the christmas cake made as a present so i wont be trying the recipes out yet, but feel free to have a go and show me the results (^-^)

Overly indulgent, vintage delight.


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Retro Cookware

Is it just me or does anyone else get excited about retro cookware/kitchenware. Yes I am am the ebayer who wants anything vintage, retro or old-world when it comes to most things. Most people probably discard these items as ugly but for me it’s uglier the better! Here is a few of my favourite items I want to have!

A vintage mixer, I really really want one of these!

Retro cake tins rule, especially when you like to make lots of cakes and you have nowhere to store them.

And a nifty way to weight


Also if you have any recipes to recommend tell me!


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