Attempting the French Macaroon

This weekend I was all set to tackle the notorious French Macaroon. I had the ingredients ready, many blog readers asked me to give them ago. The problem I had with recipe was consistency. Firstly I tried one recipe over at the Daily Telegraph, everything was going well until the final stage of mixing the meringue and the almond mixture. So I tried a different recipe and the same thing happened. Instead I ended up with a runny gloop. Having battled with a cold this weekend I really did not even want to bother trying it for a third time. However thankfully, after calming down, I found a insightful video demonstration in French of how to make the perfect macaroon. My problem of texture is now solved, and the answer is powder food colouring, not liquid of gel.  So next weekend I will hopefully be sharing with you a perfected macaroon.


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10 responses to “Attempting the French Macaroon

  1. i just made a batch of macaron shells today. i got the book “i love macarons” by hisako ogita as a gift…it was really helpful for me to get the technique down. good luck and i can’t wait to see!

  2. My friends at Fritz Pastry have taken on an unenviable task of creating 100 different flavors of macarons. They’ve been putting up photos as they announce the new ones.

    I give you credit for attempting them. The delicate nature of them tends to scare me away from trying.

  3. A pal and I are taking a class for macaron on the 13th. We’ll have to compare notes!

  4. Hi there!

    Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog. I finally saw your comment! Awesome job on all the baked goods, especially the tarts and savory quiches. I also love the polaroid photos you post in the older pages. Keep up the good work!

  5. Are those the macaroons you made?? amazing!

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  7. Romana Cipriano

    Good post, I bookmarked your blog post so I can visit again in the future, Thanks, Romana Cipriano

  8. Madeline Eaton

    I love your blog. I am looking for great amateur bakers for a BBC baking competition. If you would like to know please give me a call on 020 7067 4860.
    Best wishes,

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