The Apple Pie Project: American

There is always something warming and reassuring about a home baked apple pie. The simplicity of the filling and the crispy crust. As this is such a popular dish around the world there are also many different types and ways to make such a traditional dish. Although the first apple pie came from Europe, America and the apple pie has become an iconic within American culture. Every month I want to try out a different apple pie recipe and this month its the American apple pie. This recipe is Martha Stewarts ‘Mile High Apple Pie’. To me this seems typical american style, piled high, large and excessive, but also rich, flavoursome and made by a true american icon (for british readers I would say Martha Stewart is the equivalent of Delia Smith infused with Philip Green). Here’s how it Went:

Her recipe was really easy to follow, once i had converted all  the measurements to kg. The pastry worked really well and was very easy to roll out and cut. The size really is amazing and quite impressive, this would be a a perfect end to a dinner party, and to impress your guest. The recipe is also very sweet, which is quite different to a British style apple pie where the apples are more sour and less sugar is used.

You can find this recipe here.

Enjoy. (^-^)



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18 responses to “The Apple Pie Project: American

  1. Yikes! That’s enORmous! Are you sure it’s only apples in there?!

  2. paythepiper

    It looks wonderful! I love apple pie… but even though I live in the U.S., I have never made one quite as outrageous as this (must be because I have a Martha-aversion…)
    I just may have to try this. My Canadian family would be astounded.

  3. Wow! I’m so impressed. It’s hard to get the pies to actually stay that tall after they’ve been baked!

  4. Salt

    It’s so tall! Incredible! I’d love to try this out and see if I get the same result (plus my family will love me…they are very much apple pie people). 🙂

  5. so this is your mile-high apple pie?!
    For some strange reasons, it has the feeling of the painting by Edvard Munch – The Scream!

  6. After you baked your pie was the inside a bit hollow? I found if you cook your apples for a bit before you put them into the pie, they don’t shrink as much!

  7. you have some really great photos! thanks for the blog comments. 🙂

  8. wow… such a tall apple pie. my apple pies don’t usually turn out that way! hmmm gotta try this one!

  9. Wow…..I live in America and I don’t think I have seen a pie quite so tall…..looks great……and yes, we do put too much sugar in our desserts! Enjoying your blog…

  10. I remember seeing this before and being shocked at its size — it must be a Texas apple pie of some sort to be so big.

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