December Cook of the Month: Blueberry Tart

Decembers ‘Cook of the Month’ comes form the cookery book ‘The French Kitchen’ (2002, Doubleday, London) , by Joanne Harris and Fran Warde. Harris is also the author of Chocolat, so if you have read the book you can imagine how scrumptious and inviting the recipes, language and photos are. This book also does not disappoint with a chocolate section. The one recipe that did stand out for me was a Blueberry Tart, which in the book looks like it came straight out of boulangerie.

So i went and picked up some fresh blueberries from the city market yesterday. I would of had more blueberries in the tart if someone in the night didn’t eat them! But anyway, there was enough for what I want to do. What is great about this recipe is that so far this is the best pastry I have ever tried to make, Pâte Brisée. This is a nice light, buttery and flakey pastry which was so easy to work with, roll and bake.

The recipe was easy to follow but it can also be adapted for season and taste. This would be great to substitute the blueberries with blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries or even strawberries. I will also be using the Pâte Brisée recipe again for the future. You can find the recipe here or buy the book (it’s worth it). In the end it tasted great, was easy to make and I learnt something new… a perfect ‘Cook of the Month’.

“Serve cold, if you can wait.” (^-^)



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12 responses to “December Cook of the Month: Blueberry Tart

  1. That looks great, I like the sound of the pastry. It actually looks like you’ve cut the tart out of the book!

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks for checking out our blog ( This tart looks fantastic – i love the amount of blueberries in there! If you’re looking for more food blogs you should check out

  3. hopeeternal

    I have had this great book on long term loan from the library – in fact so long that Santa has bought me my own copy for Christmas. The Blueberry Tart has always looked good. Think I will try it now you have posted it here, so thanks! There are some lovely recipes in the book and I can particularly recommend the Tarte au Citron –

  4. candiep20

    Would love to try this recipe too! but I haven’t seen many blueberries being sold around here. Maybe I’ll try it during the strawberry season!

  5. just hopping around to show some bloglove!
    Happy RT/WW

    I love blueberries!

    have a great week ahead!
    Come over my place if you have the time!
    life’s beautiful!
    ~fickle in pink

  6. just hopping around to show some bloglove!
    Happy RT/WW

    I love blueberries

    have a great week ahead!
    Come over my place if you have the time!
    life’s beautiful!
    ~fickle in pink

  7. Hi! It’s Olly from WOLLIES. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! Always lovely to see new faces (well… know what I mean)
    I love these recipes and ideas, although right now it is simply making me very hungry seeing this yummy blueberry tart!!! Xx

  8. wei

    i’d like to try…looks great
    missed u

  9. Salt

    Once again, you come in with the most delicious pictures! This looks incredible!

  10. colonelyum

    Thanks for visiting my blog – this looks great and what a lovely blog. Will add you to my blogroll!

    Colonel Yum

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