Cranberry Jam

In winter the most wonderful thing is Cranberries, rich in colour and flavour, bitter yet sweet perfect for desserts and savoury dishes. What I love is a brie sandwich with a generous spread of cranberry jam. This is a very simple recipe you can find in many different cookbooks.

What You Need:
300g Fresh Cranberries, 300g Caster Sugar

Simple simmer the ingredients in a pan until the sugar has dissolved, then turn up the heat and boil for around 5 minutes or until jam consistency (105c). Jar straight away into a recycled sterilised jar and seal.

For you or as a gift.


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8 responses to “Cranberry Jam

  1. aminyc

    Isn’t this greatest easiest thing!? I add a little orange zest and a squeeze of the orange juice to it. Just adds another little depth of flavour.

  2. NourRD

    That sounds yummy. I’ll try some of your recipes and tell you how they go.

  3. NourRD

    Also, nice food pictures. Do you take them yourself? I’m trying to learn the art. Any tips?

  4. nanaglenmum

    I love the colour in your jam! It is gorgeous, and your styling in your photos is fantastic!

  5. This jam looks great! I recently started making jam, but never thought to use cranberries! I’ll have to rush to try this before they go out of season!
    Check out my blog:

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