Apple and Cranberry Mincemeat

There is nothing better around christmas time than a warm mince pie and a glass of mulled wine. So in preparation for christmas it’s always good to make your own mincemeat to fill the mince pies rather than shop bought. It always tastes better ad you now exactly wants gone into it, so you don’t have to eat anything nasty. For me mince pies remind me of christmas eve, sitting by the the tree and playing monopoly with my family.

What You Need:

90ml Brandy, 75g soft light brown sugar, 200g peeled and grated apple, 75g chopped walnuts, 170g dried cranberries, 2 and a half tsp of mixed spice, 75g raisins, 75g sultanas, Juice and zest of one lemon, Juice and zest of one mandarin, 1tsp Almond Essence, 1tsp vanilla extract.

(This recipe should make around 1 jar or 24 mince pies)

First take half of the brandy and the brown sugar and stir on a low heat until dissolved. Then add the grated apple and mix, letting the apple soak in the syrup. Then add in all of the dried fruit, walnuts, fruit juices, zest and mixed spice and stir. Set the mixture on a medium heat, press it firmly down with the back of the spatula and simmer for 30mins. After take off the heat and cool. Once cool add the rest of the brandy, almond and vanilla. Pot into a warm jar or set aside to make mince pies.

A simple Christmas treat.



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5 responses to “Apple and Cranberry Mincemeat

  1. peasepudding

    Sounds perfect for a winter’s evening and a sneaky drop of malt would keep the best it hot toddy! I will keep that stored for next winter. Thaanks for dropping by my blog too

  2. mia

    beautiful blog! have not seen mince meat pie since i was a small child, my mom used to make it at christmas, one of my dad’s favorites!

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  4. Mincemeat pies are very common in our families, but we have both always avoided them because we just didn’t like the look of it or the idea of what might be in it. But THIS recipe, when I see all the ingredients, seems like something we might like! Of course, I’d have to figure out how to convert the measurements but I also don’t know what a Sultana is?

    Very educational. Thank you! 🙂

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