Spinach Gnocchi

SDC11319 (1)-pola

Yummy, easy and much better than shop bought! A perfect winter warmer dish which is also quite fun to make. The traditional Italian pasta, potato dumpling combination. This recipe makes around 50-70.

What you need:

600g Marie Piper Potatoes, 350g Spinach, 150g Plain flour (plus extra for dusting), 1 egg yolk, Black Pepper & Sea Salt

Simply peel and cut potatoes and simmer in a boiled pan of water for 20mins, when nice and soft drain and evaporate the moisture from the potatoes in the hot pan and mash to a nice smooth consistency, set aside to cool. Now wilt the spinach leaves in a pan on medium heat until soft. Scoop out the spinach onto muslin and squeeze the liquid from the spinach, as much as you possibly can. Now finely chop the spinach and add to a mixing bowl.


In the mixing bowl add to the spinach, the mashed potatoes, flour, egg yolk and seasoning. Mix the ingredients until thoroughly combined together. Now take  take a lined tray and dust with flour (also dust your hands). Simply take small amounts of the dough and roll into chocolate truffle sized balls, do this until all the mixture has been turned into little balls (^-^) Now take a folk and gently press the top of each ball. To cook, fill a pan of water and turn to simmer just before boiling point. Cook the gnocchi in tens, so there is enough room for them to move around. once the Gnocchi has floated to the top it has cooked.

Serve with olive oil and garlic, or grill with melted cheese.



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12 responses to “Spinach Gnocchi

  1. Stephanie

    I’ve never made Gnocchi before – what an awesome way to use spinach!

    PS: Thanks for dropping by my blog. 😉

    Silly Nutrition Undergrad

  2. Janneke

    sounds like a nice variation on the gnocchi..

  3. oneordinaryday

    I love adding spinach to things. I like the flavor and color it adds. I even sneak pureed spinach into my spaghetti sauce and love it!

  4. spatulaspatula

    These look delicious! I will totally put them on my to-make soon list. Did you use a ricer? Do you think you have to use one?


  5. Looks delish!

    I love spinach.

  6. Your gnocchi looks delish, it’s actually one of my favorite foods but and is sorely missed in Seoul. So far, the only place that brings this dish to justice is Sortino’s plantane version in Seoul…therefore you can se my predicament when it comes to Italian food in Korea. On-on to good eats!


    • Yes it is great and when i was living in Korea I missed some foods too, but you can make this there. Pop down to Costco or Itaewon and buy some flour and you can find everything else in Emart (^-^)

  7. sweetie1981

    Hi, i tried making gnocchi before and failed (bitterly). Yours look beautiful. I’ll give gnocchi another try maybe. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I’m writing in Vietnamese so as not to forget my mother tongue completely, but i’ll write more in English

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And also thanks for introducing gnocchi!! They look awesome XD

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