Mum’s Christmas Pudding


Christmas Pudding for me makes christmas day. The rich fruit, the smell of sherry and the thick dollop of brandy butter on the side. So I would like to share with you my mum’s christmas pudding, this recipe is to keep one for yourself and to give one away as a present, a personal christmas touch. You can make this up to six weeks ahead of the day.


What You Need:

200g Currants, 200g Sultanas, 200g Cherries, 100ml Pudding Sherry, 135ml Creme de Cassis, 133g Plain Flour, 165g Bread-crumbs, 200g of suet,  200g Light Brown Sugar, 1 and a quarter tsp ground cinnamon, quarter tsp ground gloves, 1 and a quarter tsp of baking powder, 4 eggs, 40ml honey, one orange, one lemon zest.

This recipe makes two, 2 litre puddings.

If you like, one week before soak the dried fruit in the sherry and creme de cassis.


It’s pretty simple to prepare a christmas pudding, its the cooking which is difficult. Simply weigh out all the ingredients, chop the orange and cherries and mix all together until well blended. Then spoon evenly into buttered pudding bowls (2 litre).


The cooking, prepare two steaming pans, half full with water. Cover the pudding bowls with buttered parchment paper cut to fit the bowls and to turn up at the sides. This is to stop water and condensation building up inside the pudding while it is cooking. Now place the bowls into the steamers and steam on a simmering heat for 5 hours.

There you have it, once done, cool turn out and wrap air-tightly ready for Christmas. On the day of cooking reheat in the steamer for 3 hours and the serve.

The second one is for my Aunt:



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11 responses to “Mum’s Christmas Pudding

  1. angelcel

    Mmm..nice! I made Christmas pud. Once. I was horrified to find on Christmas day that it had gone mouldy. I found out recently that really nowadays they really need to be stored in the fridge to mature because our houses are just too warm. Doh!

  2. yeah it is best to find a cold, dry place to put the pudding. I find the fridge is too cold though.

  3. i’ve never had this, but it looks terrific!

    you asked what camera i use, it’s a canon digital rebel xsi. i love it!

  4. This sounds gorgeous, but I don’t have a steamer big enough for pudding bowls of this size! I’m trying to find the ideal recipe to make individual Xmas puddings, as I am the only one in our house that likes ’em and I’d love to make a few for myself to eat through the festive period as well as a few to give as gifts. Any idea how long I would have to steam these if they were in ramekin dishes?

    • Hello, Thank you for your comments.
      If you are going to make smaller ones the best method of cooking would be in the oven. Set the oven to 180C and use a deep roasting tin. Fill half of the tin with boiling water (make sure its not higher than the ramekin dish). Arrange the puddings in the tin and cover with tinfoil and bake for 2 hours.
      Hope this helps, let me know (^-^)


  5. Absolutely DELICIOUS! I followed your recipe and made it but with mine I added warm custard and it was fabulous, you just can’t buy that kind of quality.

  6. Looks great! I’m about to head into the kitchen to make Christmas Cake No. 2. I think the pudding making begins tomorrow, will definitely be keeping your recipe in mind.

  7. Rachael

    Sorry for the silly question but do you put a lid on the pot when steaming on the stove?

    • Not a silly question. (^-^)
      When steaming yes its good to keep a lid on for it to steam faster, make sure your have covered well with parchment paper inside to stop condensation building inside the pudding (^-^)
      I hope you make a yummy christmas pud!


  8. ostrov

    Thank you,
    very interesting article

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